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Word dragged on for a long time actually have so much harm

In recent years, the word has become a summer trailing slippers, because people feel that this slippers are not only good-looking but also with the foot. But the word has also dragged its shortcomings, then we have to say that often wear the word in the end will bring what harm. Wear "flip flop" walking, you adidas boots need to rely on two toes to lift the shoes, this unnatural adidas originals force if the time is too long, the muscles and bones of the legs will cause adverse effects. Because the flip flops relatively flat, wearing a heavy heart when easy to back, easily lead to foot tendon adidas originals fatigue, and even cause foot tendon inflammation, nerve inflammation. Experts warn: wearing women who dragged the word, carefully wear "within the character." Recently, the United States Auburn University researchers found that the flat flip is almost impossible to give the foot to provide any support, wearing it will gradually change a person walking way, stride, and ultimately the heel, soles of the feet, ankle serious problem.

As the slim on the slim on the slim skin makes the skin fragile skin exposed to the sun, will increase the risk of skin cancer. British foot surgeon Anthony Kontu pointed out that the skin of the feet of the sun is very sensitive, because it is very thin. Moreover, since the feet are horizontally grounded, they are exposed to more ultraviolet radiation. Skin cancer often appears in the soles of the feet, feet, toes and under the nails. Kang Tuo force women, either in the feet coated with high index sunscreen, or wear those shoes wrapped around the foot. The flip flops may look very soft and comfortable, but most of the flip flops are designed to be completely flat and very thin, and your feet will eventually go over and over. Normal feet have a certain degree of curvature, can help us adidas sale to buffer the vibration when walking, and the word slippers wearing walking like no shoes directly contact with the ground, can not meet the soles of the feet arc, and can not give enough feet to support The This may cause pain in your heels, arch and toes. Too flat flat shoes is also because of this reason and easy to hurt, not as they look so comfortable. People walking in the stone road, muddy road, the flip is a little protection can not provide. Recall that when you wear the word drag, is not a lot more cut, stabbed and bruised. There is a buckle of sandals, is a more healthy choice, not only your toes do not need to bend the tightening shoes to keep the shoes will not fly off, but also provide better protection of the ankle and heel.