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When running, how should the feet land?

If you look at the running photos, found that the front foot there, all feet have, after the heel there.

Footsteps landing, is a problem of equipment + capacity, that is, martial arts + weapons supporting the problem, different ability and equipment to decide you can use a different landing posture, matching the appropriate can.

In general, the human body is suitable for the front foot of the ground, because the human Achilles tendon, Achilles tendon is the only purpose in the running when the forefoot floor after the floor was stretched, and then shrink the rebound, people continue to run forward It is used to store energy. But for the front foot to the ground, must run very fast, and the calf muscles enough strong, from the speed to advance the feet of the soles of the feet are nonsense. I have seen a lot of people in order to pursue the forefoot landing, but because the speed does not go, it becomes a "tiptoe" or "sitting adidas shoes and running", saw the legs raised, but not people forward, we can imagine The The use of forefoot floor way, the requirements of the shoes is not high, even do not wear shoes also line. However, the long run does not exercise the first run, the first can not reach the adidas boots speed, the second muscle strength is also insufficient, strong to do before the soles of the feet unrealistic, so with the back of the first foot to the ground.

All feet landing is vacated when the posture looks like a heel landing, but in contact with the ground moment, is the floor together with the floor, which can reduce the pressure, but also reduce the impact of a part. Need ordinary shoes can be.

When we are not enough speed when the speed is very slow, especially a lot of beginners, in fact, just slightly faster than walking a little running, basically to maintain new adidas shoes a heel landing is the state, this time must be equipped with heel with good shoes , To offset the run when the great impact. You will find that the more to the beginner's shoes, followed by the more shock, because we lack the ability, can only rely on equipment. So for the safety of the front foot landing what shoes can wear, the foot of the foot, followed by the heel must be followed by a good buffer with the shoes to avoid injury. Why did the appetite drop after running? Vigorous exercise can temporarily suppress appetite regulating hormones. Two important hormones that cause appetite: brain gut peptide (ghrelin) and casein (peptide YY). Brain-gut peptide is a hormone that stimulates appetite, while casein peptides adidas shoes suppress appetite. Which aerobic exercise can reduce brain gut peptide (ghrelin) levels, the effective inhibition of appetite. For running novice, high-frequency more secure, step frequency increase can reduce the knee to withstand the tension and force to reduce the chance of knee injury; long-distance elite athletes often can be maintained at 180 steps / This is the need for gradual, scientific training can be achieved.