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What kind of foot best to see? do you have?

What kind of feet can be regarded as a pair of good-looking feet? Sample that a pair of good-looking feet to have the following criteria.

1, outline to be clear. In simple terms, the whole foot looks toe is the toes, heels are heels, joints clear, at a glance, this is a pair of feet of the premise. A pair of beautiful feet coupled with the summer of this much sought after dark green, simply to the United States was exploded. Soft cortex, wearing a very comfortable, thin and short heel wearing not tired feet, but also obviously thin, walking like a cat-like light shape to slender. Not to say that the toes slender, that is, the proportion of the whole look is better, that is, the aspect ratio is greater than 3: 1, so the feet wear sandals the most sexy.

Color to be unified. That is, a pair of white, color uniform feet is considered good. Now most of the girls because of shoes or other reasons have become like a face ice cream, half of white or black and white uneven, adidas new shoes looks no beauty. Followed by correct. A perfect heel should be tender (that is, not rough), positive (not crooked), along (no dead skin pimple). Hanging in the bare feet of two pearls this year is particularly popular models, very light and light experience makes you look more feminine. Shoes according to ergonomic design to create, delicate touch will not make you feel tired feet. Fine work can make you look more sexy and charming. Feet to fine. That is, the soles of the feet to be smooth, there will be inextricably linked to wrinkles, there will be no calluses, color wax and crack the situation. Taste better That can not have foot odor, summer, a little sweat does not matter, fear of smell. Feet and then the United States, if stench, then waste. This is the way to open the heel shoes, fat and thin are adidas store desolate, thin wear them seem more petite, fat little girl to wear will not make people feel discordant And promote the stability of the heel a lot better, do not have to worry about the footpin, stylish and comfortable, the quality of carry carry, no longer have to worry adidas outlet about foot odor friends.