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Home / News > Wear wide leg pants do not match this 3 pairs of shoes, really ugly cry!


Wear wide leg pants do not match this 3 pairs of shoes, really ugly cry!

On the adidas shop wide leg pants to wear, Fan Jie also wrote several times, how to pick adidas shop models, how to look better with. But there are still a lot of babies in the background asked Miss sister said that he obviously in accordance with the fan sister to match, but how can not wear that feeling. Say "height is not enough, shoes to adidas women Minato", so many small baby always use thick shoes with wide leg pants. But whether it is loose shoes, thick shoes, or with a waterproof platform of high heels, with wide leg pants will only increase your lower body burden. Moreover, wide leg pants itself is relatively loose version of the type, easy to wear dirty, coupled with heavy soles, make your whole person looks short and clumsy. With the above kind of situation is similar to the baby who wear wide leg pants is not recommended with style too fancy shoes, the same will appear procrastination. Has been very understandable, this summer to wear slippers, why should be designed to plush? Summer wear too hot, spring and autumn wear strange Do not know how designers think in the end. If the baby really want to match the two together, must not wear socks, be sure to expose the ankle out. Fan Jie suggested that the baby choose the length of eighty-nine wide leg pants, so it would look a little better.

Since the movement of the wind swept the fashion adidas superstar circle, the heat of sports shoes has been high. Especially fashionable and take a small white shoes, it is almost a pair of hands. More importantly, the small white shoes can be almost perfect with any style of wide leg pants, whether it is tannin or satin, whether it is solid or printed. In addition to small white shoes, other styles of sports shoes can also be and wide leg pants to mix and match, such as canvas shoes, running shoes, casual wind sports shoes ... set elegant, stylish and real wear in a pointed shoes, Sought after queen. Fine with the rough with the cat with the high-heeled, flat ... there is always a pair of pointed shoes, to meet the needs of the baby. Whether it is handsome street wind, retro ladies Fan, or Royal sister Queen style, with a pair of pointed shoes with wide leg pants, all can get. Summer, but sandals the world, with wide leg pants how can less sandals? Baby can also be attached to the toes with nice nail polish, absolutely beautiful new height! As a "sandals sector of the little black dress", the word with sandals is definitely the highest rate of summer this year, one of the single sandals. Seemingly simple style, with a wide leg pants from the effect is really amazing.