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To solve the leather shoes grinding small coup

Say a look at a man's taste to see the shoes, with a pair of comfortable texture of the shoes is the basic quality of every successful men! But adidas stan smith often new shoes to buy back when there will always be some small flaws, shoes, how to do? Most of the expensive, if because of these minor problems to give up their favorite shoes and some not willing to do? And Xiaobian together to learn how to do shoes care! Some adidas women men are naturally limited, so they will choose some of the shoes with high efficiency! But many new high leather shoes inside the hard, it is easy to cause discomfort to the feet, then there is no effective way to solve this problem? You can choose one of the following methods, depending on the effect, you can use more and more: you can use adidas tennis shoes a piece of leather shoes, you can choose one of the following methods, depending on the effect, Wet sponge will be grinding foot parts of the shoes moist, to be softened for an hour, and then wear it will not be so uncomfortable. You can also use white wine or a little white vinegar wipe the shoes injury foot parts, soaked about 5-15 minutes, the hair dryer hot air, hand gently rub, so that heel softening, wait a little soft, and then put on walking, Feet. Hand gently kneading grinding foot parts, so that the shoe soft, or with a damp cloth to wear the place to cover, and then gently with a small hammer hit a smash, but not too much force, so as not to make the upper wrinkle The Note: softening leather, with a certain degree of feasibility, but also to a certain extent, reduce the life of shoes, is not conducive to the protection of shoes. So that leather shoes naturally soften. Natural softening is the adidas originals best, early with tape can be in the shoes and feet grinding place affixed, over a period of time will not be too grinding feet and then remove the tape.

Wear a little thick socks. When wearing shoes must wear thick points of socks, reduce the friction between feet and shoes. Pad insole. If you wear shoes in the people walking, feeling feet in the shoes inside the slide, then be sure to pad the insole, feet do not slide, the same friction will be reduced. New shoes only wear a day or two. Wear new shoes do not take a long way, the new shoes are generally hard, can only go for some time fit and then can take a long way, so the most practical solution is: wear one day two days, put on a day or two, then Put three or four days. The maintenance of shoes from the new shoes to start. Most of the shoes have a certain waterproof function, but if the rain wear, or please first coated with shoe oil, and sprayed with water mist.

Shoe polish is not painted the more the better, excessive shoe polish not only can not be absorbed for the leather, but also counterproductive, once again wet the shoes. Bend your shoes do not be lazy, loosen the shoelaces, mention the heel, and then pay attention to the point of use, then take a look at the shoe, a few small tricks can make you long enough fresh. Every man will wear shoes, will buy new shoes, but not all the new shoes to buy back can be directly worn! Some grinding shoes need to use Xiaobian introduced these solutions to the coup, after the majority of male friends We encounter this kind of grinding feet of new shoes, we can quickly solve the problem Oh! Xiaobian also hope that we can always healthy and happy Oh!