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This pair of flat shoes played, small white shoes have to stand aside!

Today we have to talk about this section of several shoes are a small minority who are the favorite, fashionable fine heart good. Mainly are fine wild, but also enough personality funky, absolutely able to meet the needs of small fairies ~ more and more women in the pursuit of beauty at the same time more and more attention to their own comfort, long time to wear high heels so that the foot pressure is very large But also very uncomfortable, so we began to have turned to flat shoes. Straps of flat shoes will not give people the feeling of home, even if the work is also appropriate to wear, flat design easy to walk, travel crowded buses are not afraid of! Banding elements and blowing a wave of adidas store waves, from the shoes on the strap, extended to the skirt, very fashionable features from the exposure of the sexy sexy, clever use of still hold partly concealed effort, to create A looming sexy sexy. Retro full of color hit ballet shoes, belong to the more durable models, the upper is the soft first layer of leather, the insole are sheepskin is not dull color is not wet feet, excellent quality and excellent price is very high, soles Soft beef tendon at the end of the soft to fold, tie will be with 4, 2 black, 2 lattice color, easy to free with the baby ~, pocketed the rate adidas superstar of a unique US shoes. Lace ballet shoes element has been nearly 2 years of popular models, different from the traditional round ballet shoes, square head design adds a little cool retro feel, upper matte sheepskin insole and inside are sheepskin, excellent comfort , Breathable fade, wear and easy to adidas stan smith wear beef tendon soft bottom. Slightly some of the holiday wind and some fresh sweet wind sling floral dress, with some summer little romantic, giving a casual feeling of comfort. In fact, floral skirt seems to be popular for a long time, before not how to try this style, but this designer took me when I really can not help but look at the more, more and more mother, haha ??~

Simple, the atmosphere is now the trend, to avoid too complicated decoration. And this skirt in the design of special emphasis on simple texture! Soft skin-friendly knitted fabrics, elegant gentle tone, put on very feeling! Lace bow open cuffs, and high waist A word version of the type, the whole person's gas field to enhance a lot ~ once put on the body, the waist will be able to complete the show! Speaking of the goddess Fan, in addition to that prohibitive hate days high, Xiao Bian can adidas shop think of that comes with the gas field of retro strap shoes. From the last century began to popular banding shoes, whether with a long skirt, skirt can have their own taste. Last year began to cut a striking figure, this year's unabated tie shoes have beaten small white shoes to become a fashion pet, the entire fashion circles are wearing shoes to wear shoes. Free changes in the strap can be interpreted sexy, elegant, playful any style, with the summer of any single product can easily hold live, so there is no reason for the artifact does not love ah! Every girl may have a dream about ballet, wear ballet shoes, tiptoe, spin jumping. Today, ballet shoes with a new form back to the public view, with the traditional ballet foot shoes different, and now the shoes design simple, with a soft degree, you can buy a few pairs of beautiful wear out the door it