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Summer women wear what shoes the most comfortable and healthy?

It is undeniable that high heels are taller and more beautiful, and, with the more delicate the more charming. But as long as more than 5cm high heels, people will not adapt to the body. Because the heel up the lift, the center of gravity will fall on the forefoot, making the stability of the ankle stability, easy to have the risk of ankle sprain. Wearing high heels is not healthy, then choose flat shoes to wear Well "Many people think that this can wear shoes to wear healthy, in fact, wrong. Shoes can not be too high, should not be too flat and thin .When walking the heel to the impact of the legs along the legs, spine, direct head . Hole shoes are essentially plastic shoes, but because of the structure and material of the hole shoes, easy to water, and moisture is not easy to be absorbed by the shoes, volatile, it can only help the foot hole above the breathable, and the most needed Breathable and dry soles of the feet, but not protected. Summer feet easy to sweat, with the evaporation of sweat, hole shoes will be posted adidas outlet on the feet, often wear the feet will lead to warm and warm, for the fungus to provide a breeding ground, may lead to Athlete's foot and other adidas superstar skin diseases.If you stay in the environment using air conditioning for a long time, then try to wear foot shoes, if you always stay in the hot place, then still wear sandals is better, Sandals sandwiched more to prevent bacterial invasion.

Many people think that as long as the high heels on the body is not good, this is one-sided. 3 cm shoes if wearing comfortable, for correcting certain size and protection, to maintain the arch is a certain role. With shoes to adjust the loose more appropriate. Bend over the elderly, can wear a pull on the open shoes. Children do not wear tight shoes, or let the feet grow into deformity, buy shoes to leave a little space, feet to grow up after the timely replacement of shoes. In real life, the shorts to wear high heels to raise the height, in fact, the height of the heel should be proportional to height, a short wear high heels more harm. Shoes, materials should pay attention to breathable. Breathable material not only do not cover their feet, comfort, but also not easy to get athlete's foot. adidas superstar Some shoes are less breathable, especially the soles, although very strong, feet in the inside is like a sauna. Cloth shoes breathable best, but not into the big elegant Church, adidas stan smith nor as strong as shoes.