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Spring this year, only the most wolf heel shoes, sexy degree soared

I believe that every girl from small to large desire list, there will be a pair of dream of high heels, look at the heel is thin and high, walking to feel confident enough. Whether it is student age or have been out of employment, women always have a soft spot for high heels. But the reality adidas stan smith is often cruel, high heels, although beautiful, but very difficult to control, comfort is not high, even if often wear high heels, accidentally twisted to the feet. And long-term wear high heels, but also to the toes and ankles to bring no small damage. High heels difficult to control, flat shoes no gas field, that in the end to wear what is good? Of course, this is just the beginning of this spring is very hot cat heels it! What is a cat heel? We can simply understand the low-heeled pointed shoes, about 3-5 cm in height, because the small fine with the cat like a foothold, so called the cat heels.

As this year's spring fashion darling, fashion big coffee so love it is not without reason. And high heels compared to the cat with a adidas store shoe less a more comfortable. Wearing a cat heel is very temperament, in the low-heeled design will not let you look too strong, but more than a small adidas new shoes wild cat-like playful and sexy, feminine full. And the cat with a variety of styles of shoes, let us choose to choose their own cat heel it! Simple and stable solid color and pointed fine is a synonym for sexy, word buckle on the diamond decoration, highlighting the elegant temperament. This shoe is also a small machine, it is a word buckle can be replaced, different straps have different styles, it is worth starting. Spring temperature rise, to a pair of Baotou Lu with the cat and then fresh shoes. Exquisite small pointed to the white feet of the exposed, simple with the back of the ankle set off more slender, with a sexy skirt, feminine bursting.

Pointed and thin on both sides of the hollow, the typical European and American style. But the middle of the shoes a red and white black band is very eye-catching, is the whole pair of shoes, the crowning touch. The little red on the soles of the feet and bamboo style of the heel to add a lot of fun, full of their own characteristics. Worried that can not control the classic color of a friend, you can try this section of the cloth fine small heels. It has a checkered and bow two elements of youth, just out of the campus just young people, stable yet yet playful. Using a unique sequined cloth as a shoe material, the upper looks shiny, and instantly improve the grade, looks elegant and elegant. Shoes on both sides of the hollow, easy to wear off and conducive to ventilation, to maintain comfort, beautiful and adidas store comfortable with.

Simple blue pointed vamps have two sweet and lovely cherries, the above diamond glittering, two different elements have collapsed out of the spring breath. Shoes on both sides of the hollow design, looks very delicate, suitable for wearing it to a romantic date. Elegant thousands of birds grid elements highlight the white feet, heel bottom is the crystal material, improve the overall style of the shoes. One word buckle increases the stability of the shoes, not easy to fall when walking, both comfort and sense of security, so you rest assured that the big meteor. Simple simple color of the very wild, coupled with the design neat pointed shoes, almost can be with any dress, whether it is to work, dating, shopping, as long as such a pair of shoes to get the whole, cost is very high