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Small man does not wear high heels can also be high law open!

Little girl is the most annoying is short, looks short. We are looking at Japan to wear magazines often think that most of the models height about 165 or so, it is not. In addition to the height of individual models higher, the rest of the models generally in the 155 or so, are small girls. But why did they look energetic and particularly high? The first is a single product with the choice and, in particular, long paragraph dress and shoes with. In the middle of the figure, the gap between the shoes and the skirt is too small, resulting in a shorter leg on the visual. Moreover, the black shoes and nude shoes compared to the nude color is more suitable for small girls. Followed by a prominent waistline. The figure on adidas store the left side of the model when the error, the upper and lower body with the same color with people will not see the location of the waist line, and the right figure to wear it is obvious to see where the waist line, more legs long.

Finally, wear clothes to pay attention to detail. T-shirt and jeans with a particularly simple spring and summer wear, was significantly higher and obviously between a read, depending on whether you put the coat into the pants and the length of your jeans is exposed an ankle. Short girls in addition to wear can be significantly higher, but also can grasp the characteristics of their own body, wearing a more soft Meng Fan children. Such as the Japanese Department of the Department of skirts, adidas stan smith very artistic restrained feeling, giving a very quiet lady feeling. As well as Japanese small floral design, especially the dress style, more than a lot of gentle and sweet atmosphere. There is also a sweet and fresh candy wind, such as candy-colored jacket or T-shirt, or candy-colored harness skirt, or candy-colored pants, are very refreshing design, but also very college style a feeling of.

The design of the skirt is a kind of juvenile visual effect, especially when its color is the design of fruit color, more like this feeling. Mint green color full of fresh and comfortable cool feeling, shallow khaki gives a sense of elegance and restrained, with a white T-shirt tide. Dress is a two-piece design, the design is very slim smart. It is the background of the choice of black design, very thin feeling. Dress skirt design is relatively small sense of flexibility, with blue stripes fine, more of the feeling of the United States. On the choice of upper body, the recommended crush who choose some slightly short paragraph style, such as adidas tennis shoes the kind of can improve the waist of the high waist style, or to improve the waist to the chest below the kind of style skirt, are very There is a soft feeling, and can look very long legs, cover the waist of small fat and defects, why not? The