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Season wear a simple, take the movement of casual pants is also good!

Usually out of what, put on the coat, but the pants pick to pick to pick are not good, every time looking forward to a full appointment, but in the clothes on the dress was mixed feet, each time confidently longing Good, but also in the dress on the discouraged, it is not true, season dating, party, dinner or something, really pick bad clothes to wear, wearing a simple suit, and then take a sports casual pants is also good s Choice! The use of gold velvet fabric, 360 ° three-dimensional cut overall Slim was thin, small design tailoring, delicate people, strong and durable, heat and warm, as well as self-cultivation was thin role, close oblique pocket, design Decent, exquisite workmanship at the same time highlight the excellent quality.

The use of high-quality combed cotton fabric, it is unique breathable, absorbent sweat function, better comfort, so that the body to enjoy a sense of double care, but also difficult to play the ball, do not shrink, to prevent deformation. Big belt design, fashion eye-catching, multi-point splicing design to make up for your lack of leg type. Comfortable and stylish combination of casual pants, give you this spring is not the same wearing experience. The whole pants with white stripes black theme of the casual version of the type, adidas originals black and white hit color personality generous, loose tie, not bound. Soft fabric, waist waist waist process, easy to wear, not tight Le. Selection of up to 95% of the quality of cotton fabric, soft and comfortable breathable, pants after repeated repeated rubbing test, not easy to play the ball. Leg stretch performance is good, easy to exercise, stretch is not broken, waist elastic fold design and elastic lace, movement more secure, increase anti-twist twist car line, do not flip.

Leather belt telescopic waist, suitable for a variety of body, tall and thin are appropriate, the English alphabet design, add highlights to the pants, fashion and beautiful. Selection of fine fabrics, comfortable Slim, natural plant cotton fabric, feel soft and comfortable, inside the non-cashmere full of flexibility, wool dense. Sports pants Panasonic tight feeling, very thin, and very good match, coupled with white T or denim jacket, baseball clothes are cool, seemingly simple sports pants, but not simple, cotton fabric texture is very Rod, upper body comfortable, waist waist design, coupled with drawstring, grade upgrade a lot.

Small feet Harlan pants with a unique design, with a simple and generous, stylish leisure, significant Han Fan, a personality and other characteristics, the wideband braid waist is thin, the choice of fabric skin care comfortable, breathable and sweat and the whole edge, wearing So that when you move more easily and flexible.