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Running the whole Raiders, so you run more handsome!

It is necessary to have a suitable sports equipment, not only to improve the efficiency of fat reduction, but also to help us to monitor the health of each adidas superstar movement to monitor the data. Many runners like to listen to music in the usual running, music can be dispersed spirit, stimulate the rhythm and improve the mood, you can let runners get more lasting endurance. With colorful cross-structured fly line structure adidas superstar of the adidas store shoe body, bringing exquisite results at the same time full of personality but not too high-profile, braided upper ensure that the feet dry and cool, and its excellent shock capacity and surprising flexibility and Feedback can give you a different sports experience. Running sunglasses is not an ordinary sunglasses, it is designed specifically for running a sports glasses, not only to prevent ultraviolet and external dust insects against the protection of the eyes, the key more type! Hydrophilic non-slip nose pads, frames on both sides of the film to improve the general glasses of the imbalance of pressure, so that the wearer more comfortable and comfortable. And the use of high purity PC lenses, better resistance to ultraviolet light and harmful blue light. Avant-garde modeling and lens design, the glasses of comfort, practicality, art is well integrated.

Smart sports watch equipped with optical heart rate sensor, real-time display of the body indicators, and built-in GPS function, a complete record of your movement trajectory, but also matching smart phones, real-time display calls, SMS, e-mail and APP notice, more anytime, anywhere To control the music, lightweight design, to provide you with a comfortable sense of adidas boots wearing.