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Refreshing adidas shop little black shoes, autumn fashion new favorite

Everyone familiar with the degree of small white shoes has been very high, and brought a small white shoes, Xiao Bian first thought of the word is wild ~ especially hot summer, light color more people feel comfortable. However, in the valiant autumn, you can wear small white shoes in addition, you can also try small black shoes, and small white shoes like wild Oh Solid color of the looking, very good with; pointed design, high fashion. Uppers black and soles of the white, hit color with a high degree of fashion; daily out with shorts or solid color pants are adidas store very appropriate Oh. Hollow design, throughout the entire shoe body, breathable performance is very adidas stan smith good; joined the increase in the design, can virtually elongate your body proportions. There are no decorations. Very wild one of the wedge shoes. Choose black as the upper color, plus the upper of the stars on the pattern, it looks very eye-catching, put on will give people the feeling of youth. In addition to loose cake, the inside there are increased results, two ways to make you more upright.

Wearing basically do not pick people, this model, very wild, comfortable and breathable shoes, jeans with casual pants are very stylish, not tired feet do not wear feet. High to help the design, the streets full of wind, want to be a handsome girl, it is better to choose this bar Beautiful and elegant style, exquisite material is a symbol of quality, the whole shoe with the first layer of pig leather, foot feel very good, soft texture, comfortable and breathable design, wearing adidas running shoes more comfortable. Side of the logo design, fashion is very high. Comfortable inside, soft and more breathable, the process of rendering; rubber backing, anti-skid more wear-resistant, breathable and hygroscopic properties are very good. Black shoes with brown soles, nice; thick design can also virtually enhance your elevation.