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Put away high heels, with flat shoes release feet!

Often hear people say that women need a pair of good shoes, a pair of good shoes can make you go farther and better. While taking into account the comfort at the same time, fashion can not fall, from head to toe have to do icon! To say what the current tide shoes the most ram, the staff of a pair, no doubt "little white shoes" will win the championship in one fell swoop, small white shoes is really can not deny every girl, with skirt, pants are Suitable for! Single shoes is also the most common in a flat shoes, it's a variety of styles, rich colors, in the dress, it is easy to achieve unity with the clothing. Bold girls are also able to try a variety of design sense of foot shoes, pointed shoes in this year's fashion week is shine, is definitely popular this year's popular! Tie shoes naturally is the summer you have to start a pair of different adidas boots styles with different straps way, slender ankle beautiful people! Round head flat shoes with the first layer of leather shoes, the use of high-quality lightweight rubber at the end of the weight of the adidas originals weight of the equivalent of two mobile phone Oh, the mouth of a circle of sponge design, meticulous care of your feet, followed by fashion five-pointed star Design, completely enough tide Oh!

Pearl tassel pendant casual shoes fabric with the first layer of leather, good cowhide is visible Oh, pig leather insole with 0.5 cm sea of ??cotton, soft rubber outsole, shoelaces with a fixed band, do not tie, save The lace of the troubles, and very beautiful, followed by the use of matte leather design, anti-wear feet, there are very fashionable. Wild lace small white shoes every year a small white shoes come again ~ classic wild not from the fashion, the feet really comfortable, and I have been wearing adidas new shoes Oh! First of adidas running shoes all wild, what shirt you can choose to wear it, all can hold live, the upper is the lace design, not monotonous, simple and good-looking, but also very casual! Round weave shoes to create a creative hit casual shoes, upper we use PU leather, fashion, waterproof, toe made into a round head, fit foot type, so that the force evenly toe, shoelaces do not hang wire , Close lines, comfortable shoes, breathable, not smelly feet, insoles comfortable stretch, ease the walking pressure, start black and white hit color, simple and generous, pink and white hit color, lively and beautiful.