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New Year must have three wild shoes

The whole body with the shoes can not participate in a pair of good shoes to the elegant posture, elegant temperament filling, a pair of not with the heart of the shoes, but also to carefully combined into the bottom of the clothing. Spring in addition to the necessary sweaters, as well as these three shoes can give you the US ride power yo! Black high heels regardless of attendance formal occasions, commuter or weekdays dating, are decent and generous. Pointed high heel to enhance the gas field, but the toe is not too sharp treatment, and will not give people a harsh impression. The loop is located below the ankle, and the gap between the heel and the heel is enough to modify the ankle slender and sexy. Simple design of the shallow adidas new shoes mouth of the high heels on the leg adidas store is not as critical on a pick, because there is no buckle loop from the middle of the legs "cut off", so even a small rough legs to deduce, but also to a certain extent, So that the whole looks not so strong. There are many high-end design of the sports shoes always have a lot of controversy, but it does not prevent people who like it to continue to follow. Sports style dress with "tall" stature, always easy to get the eyes to follow, if you dare, a pair of eye-catching socks can add a lot of the overall dress up Oh!

In addition to love beautiful, and occasionally there are lazy to want to fall back to the side of comfort. Flat shoes will become the best choice, but it can not be so perfunctory. Lace hook flowers, skin care fabric, the United States and comfortable both, so beautiful canvas shoes who can refuse? Cartoon elements can also add points for the flat shoes, not only lovely extra points, beautiful, playful add points. In addition to Wang Xing people hot, joking meow star who is also hot, if it is love love ah love, may wish to mix the two stars of the cat and the dog battle effect, adidas stan smith how do you say?

?A lot of flat-bottomed shoes dream design, but also fulfilled a lot of girls dream of princess appearance. If you have not started the New Year essential Maccaron single product, then from the bow embellishment of the flat shoes is also a good choice, the slightest glittering trace of a miracle smile, maybe the next corner, the prince appeared NIAO.