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Jeans with shoes, you can have N kinds of law!

Jeans this basic section, we are all familiar with each other. But familiar with the familiar, not everyone is very familiar with its match routines. All kinds of clothes and jeans with the guide we should have seen a lot, then the shoes do? Jeans and different shoes with, but also have different temperament. Light-colored self-cultivation jeans is very casual, it should be with the same casual style of small white shoes. Want to be more type, jeans can choose nine points length, slightly exposed ankle, very cool handsome. Although the small white shoes limelight no two, but full of small white shoes are easy to Shenmeipilao, also increased the risk of hit shoes. Want to be unique, adidas sneakers to double small black shoes it! When the whole world to show off their own small white shoes to grab, you are deliberately tucked with a pair of small black with jeans out of the street, the eyes have been rejection of their nine street

Because the ballet flat shoes itself has a polished effect, not only comfortable, but also has a gentle feminine atmosphere, so even if casual, such as t-shirt + hole jeans, but also wear clothing fashion and exquisite sense. If it is office workers, with a classic high heels to balance the excessive sense of leisure, coupled with a fine bag, is also a perfect adidas originals concave shape. Or then put on a windbreaker or long version of the suit jacket, high heels and accessories on the selection of Phnom Penh, the shape of the real grand! Whether it is rock and roll of jeans, retro jeans and even cowboy pants, a pair of shiny blessing shoes will make your look more glorious, and very modern wind is also on the trend. More cold weather or at night can also wear socks to go out, is not surprising, because the music shoes themselves go is neutral wind, a little rough route can accept.

Wide leg jeans had to pull the wind, very fashionable, able to focus on all eyes. Giant loose design has a free and easy type of feeling, if the same with the wind design of high heels, it is simply a fashion declaration of walking, minutes to show off your fashion gesture, on behalf of people walking in front of the trend. When you want to stand out from the crowd in tight jeans, consider what kind of shoes and your jeans with more fashion effect. There are contours of the thick shoes is your best choice, while maintaining the feet at the same time super comfortable. If you think the whole dress is childish, do remember to use feminine elements to reconcile. Horn jeans is pulling the wind, it can make the legs line adidas store extension, it is a pair of long legs illusion. And the heel is relatively more comfortable, horned jeans also have self-cultivation effect, but the adidas store only bad is easy to look good shoes blocked, no matter how nice your shoes, can not show off. A pair of heavy heels can increase the weight of the foot weight, hold live bells pants of the gas field, and rough because of the bellows with a set off, but also simply will not feel bulky.