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Hiking shoes so choose, instantly let you handsome 10 times!

For friends who enjoy outdoor hiking and mountain climbing, the outdoor equipment with the mountain with a lot of things, must be based on your destination adidas originals and the distance to decide, in the long-distance travel on foot heavy load, a pair of footwear hiking shoes try the appropriate , The current outdoor sports so developed today, then how to choose a pair more suitable for their own hiking shoes it! The following to share a few more practical hiking shoes to buy the main points: the upper use of breathable nylon mesh material, waterproof cloth or leather; general walking mountain breathable material is enough, have the opportunity to choose the waterproof pavement waterproof, you should pay attention Full adidas boots leather surface style shoes generally hard, low permeability, it is best to avoid wearing new shoes up the mountain. There is the mountain weather is very large, sometimes rain, soles of the lines is best to choose a little deeper, but also both non-slip function, so that can play a very protective role. Soles of the pit have different design, high altitude mountain mud road, suitable for wearing pit pattern is usually deep hiking shoes, if it is sand land, the general thin end is enough; as for the election of high tube or low tube shoes, the same need Depending on the circumstances of the destination.

Hiking shoes insoles, but also affect the comfort, flat feet, or high foot bow, it is best to use a private insoles, the proposed hiking friends, with their own insole to buy shoes, walking with their own insoles, but regardless , How good the shoes, outdoor walking should be careful on the. Shoes do not pick too heavy; because the hiking is a gradual process, the shoes of good or bad sometimes, directly affect how far we can go, feel comfortable on the best foot. Wear comfort is the most important, the best is half the code? You can try in the shoes when the fingers into the head adidas sale of a section of the width, so almost, do not buy just fit, so that the shoes inside the adidas women foot can have a certain depth of space, so as not to the top toe injury.