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High heels too hard to wear? Fashion cat heels good wear and thin

Each girl who loves the fashion of the adidas boots shoe rack, are ultimately a few rows are not suitable for daily but essential high heels. Really high heels can lengthen the leg lines, so that the body looks better, but to skillfully master the skills of high heels is not able to practice overnight, and those who wear high heels fashion icon, often because of the deformation of the toes. And retro cat heels in the near future swept the fashion circle, exquisite small heel, such as the cat's toe elegant tiptoe, mysterious with a trace of playful. Cat heels in the first design for the young girls, to prepare for the future to wear high heels a training shoes, less high heels sharp, more retro and elegant feeling. Simple and not fashionable exquisite cat heels in the spring and summer of this year must be the most dazzling presence. Cat with shoes fashion wild, with shoes remember to reveal the ankle, so the most significant was thin. With a skirt is more elegant and feminine. Suitable for like the minimalist style of the girl, the classic style is not easy outdated, with relatively low-key, elegant sense of full.

Although the color of a single, but the side of the air adidas running shoes design adds a bit sexy taste, simple and generous feet, V mouth design in the visual elongated leg curve, very high. The design is a bit like a dance shoes, adidas shoes style more retro and girls, more suitable for wearing a skirt to wear, fresh fans are very white, the classic black is a little more retro feeling. Suede looks like a soft texture, so wear a particularly gentle feeling, in addition to the classic low-key gray and black, there are beautiful navy blue, super-white is also very fashionable. Splicing a simple bow design, the foot is very layered, bow tie design also increased the package of shoes, feet to be more comfortable. In the sweet while maintaining a minute lazy.

Cat shoes with minimalist splicing style is a sense of design, fresh and elegant colors generous, commuter wear will not make people feel dull boring, leisure will not make people feel no bright spots, with a good match. Stylish style is more suitable for the pursuit of fashionable girl, beautiful hit color design to enrich the overall shape of the sense of hierarchy, and gives the feeling of young and lively. Elegant knitting is the most suitable for the interpretation of the girl's gentle and elegant, stitching metallic color is to add a sense of fashion, this cat heels for young and trendy girls, the feet are very eye-catching. The biggest highlight of the shoe is the design of the heel of the heel, the modern style stitching retro material, a kind of road retro feeling, generous playful color to the interpretation of the girl's fashion and unruly.

Simple fight skin design is very like, more special pointed adidas women shape, neat, elegant color is very good weakened the sharp sense of sharp, very details of a single shoes. Retro elements and sports wind Ribbon combination, so that with a little more creative, simple black and white stitching design is wild, both elegant and stylish shoes.