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High-heeled foot problems? Choose high heels, these troubles all disappeared

High heels is certainly the eyes of most of the little fairy of the most beautiful pair of shoes, can improve the height, can lengthen the legs lines, can add temperament, is called the goddess indispensable first step! But the high heels is really love and hate it, although put it, adidas superstar the temperament has been a beautiful upgrade, but the foot is really suffering it, especially to wear a day down, feet are not adidas shop their own! Put on their own not suitable for high heels, the damage to their own feet is particularly large. But in fact, not every pair of high heels will make your feet pain. Choose high heels is also need to pay attention to the points, this will be able to greatly reduce the high heels on the feet of the injury. From the big toe to the little toe, 5 feet than a small one called Egyptian feet. This type of foot is more suitable for wearing oblique shoes, this can increase adidas outlet the comfort of high heels and clothes Oh degree Oh

Greek feet of the foot type is suitable for wearing a little narrow heels, such as the current popular pointed heels, baby is the Greek foot type, a pair of white pointed high heels out of the street simply no pressure. Roman foot try not to wear a ramp of high heels Oh, more suitable for your square head high heels, of course, round high adidas store heels can be, because the toe is relatively wide. Foot flat angle is best in the 45 or so, so will not put your body weight on the feet, will be more comfortable. Wearing high heels, because the high heel, so the feet will be washed forward, this time to choose slightly tilted shoes, can avoid this pressure Oh, will reduce the squeeze on the toes. High heels waterproof platform is best not to more than 3CM Oh, although comfortable but too easy to Wei feet or fall; too thin is not recommended, the feet will be pain, so medium enough. Wear high heels, the right way to walk is the heel first place and then toe; footsteps must be small, stride the knee will naturally bend and let the feet bear more pressure, the foot will be more pain. Put on the day of high heels, because the squeeze by the shoes and weight pressure, do not forget to stretch your feet after home Oh, massage the foot massage, legs, bubble feet, let your feet relax Oh.