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Give the feet a holiday, Le Fu shoe tide ride the same wonderful

In the fast-paced life, wearing high heels for a long time not only detrimental to health, in the shape is also slightly lack of new ideas Oh! It is better to give your feet a fake, back to nature to pursue the most convenient way of life, in the low-key dress in the release of unruly mood. The youth of rebellious and unbearable life, a pair of happy shoes is enough to swear your personal attitude. Eliminate physical and mental fatigue, not only choose a variety, but also comfortable and lightweight, concave shape completely do not lose high heels, street shooting is also wonderful! More than 5 different colors of silk outline the outline of the iris, as far as possible to restore the Van Gogh for the blazing and quiet. In the classic adidas superstar leather on the deep processing, the surface hard, good water resistance, while maintaining a soft touch, foot comfort. Minimalist sense of the line, the interpretation of the atmosphere chic personality. Cattle velvet matte texture is very dark pattern quiet visual effects, followed by part of the plush decoration, fashion sense adidas superstar full, so that the pace has a warm feeling.

Shining Geliite into the fabric upper, followed by the strength of light to adapt to changes, as the sun-like dazzling. Simple sleeve style, with clothing can also be easy and handsome. Wear off the convenience of practicality, is simply the adidas stan smith lips of the gospel. Anti-fur fabric, highlighting the quality, high exquisite little bee embroidery, instantly turned fashion icon, visual effects praised. Comfortable inside design, care of feet, thick soles design, so you instantly increased. Classic round design, give you the most comfortable wearing experience. Tongue out of the metal buckle embellishment, emitting a little feminine and sexy mystery. Soles of metal zipper embellishment, shiny visual effects people have a bright feeling, out of the street to become a minute thing.

Italian classic last type, to ensure that the overall line of shoes curvature, are just right, beautiful and smooth, Le Fu shoes with the nature of the wild in this adidas women pair of shoes to enjoy the release, so that you are more pure broken, pig skin, delicate skin care, care Feet, rubber soles, to ensure comfortable non-slip wear, good flexibility. Uppers selected coarse litchies pattern of leather, soft and flexible texture, the skin on the skin, comfortable to do not want to take off. Unlined tape design, replaced by flexible elastic links, so that the upper show a different kind of simple beauty. Shoes around a circle weaving pick reinforcement, natural rustic, fresh breath blowing. Metal chain with tassel design, unique personality, there are models of children. Collection rate and cool in one, readily shot a street are full of models Fan children. Patent leather texture, black mystery, each kind of life attitude.