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Girls in the eyes of the high value of several men's shoes are here!

Although the men's shoes to the boys to wear, but the girls are also very concerned about the boys to wear shoes, soil is not soil? Tide Expensive? These are girls in the back of the silent discussion of things! As a boy, the shoes of the election is good, then you have the impression in the eyes of girls have been pretty much, after all, the image is still very important that! A high-value shoes not only in the personal image of the temperament is also a lot of extra points, and can help you easily sister, this advantage is not very heart? But you choose the shoes really girls look good shoes? What kind of shoes is what girls feel good? White breathable leisure shoes. Strong Amway from last year's fire to the present little white shoes! Little white shoes is not just the privilege of girls, boys can also! This leisure style of the small white shoes version of the type is very nice, the quality is also very good, adidas stan smith summer is also very breathable, carrying her god gas field, keep the rate will increase a lot of Oh! Leather trend sports shoes. The main color of this sports shoes with gray, with red and blue, very atmospheric fashion, the side of the printing design is also very good looking, the quality is also clearance, the whole shoe are the first layer of pig leather, feet comfortable, High-grade, especially the texture of the shoes! Thick breathable shoes. This shoe is really good to see, before the low after the high-end design people put on after the citrus feel particularly comfortable, the upper use of mesh, breathability is also very good, bare ankle wear method is also very tide, girls will feel special Handsome Oh! Sports shoes. Sports Department of male gods looked over, a can be a sister of the shoes here, this summer sports shoes with mesh fabric, uppers to do the maximum addition to the yarn, breathable comfort is excellent, stylish simple, soles Of the lines designed non-slip shock, even if the intense movement is no problem! Breathable flying woven coconut shoes. This shoe is a flying craft, the whole shoe is very light, wear it effortlessly, tightly closed mouth to avoid the trouble of shoelaces, soles of the bump design can effectively anti-skid shock, it seems simple and elegant, even if Girls want to wear, you do not hurry to a pair!

Air cushion anti-skid running shoes. This shoe with bold colors, are used to jump and bright colors, full of vitality, soles to increase the air cushion can effectively reduce the impact of the ground to the soles of the feet, soft and comfortable inside, bring you the general running to enjoy the fly, Like the pro do not miss it! No lace Korean plate shoes. The design of this shoe is quite fashionable, the upper made the effect of fake shoelaces, looks very cool, do not worry about the shoelace spread, the shoes are slightly to do the old processing, black and white color is also tide to not , And quickly put on a tide shoes to tear sister it ~