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Girls, tie shoes is to the IN standard you know?

The popularity of the benchmarks each year has changed, we eat these people who can not keep up with the rhythm, but this year, popular shoes, small fairies can easily get to Oh! That is tied shoes! From the fashion week T stage, to the street adidas women fashion up to the feet, all the charm of the shoes tied with beads, stars are also preconceived, the struggle to follow the example of sexy. A variety of elements combined with the strap shoes, so that the choice of the baby difficult to commit. Now, Xiaobian to bring you LOOK, LOOK tie shoes this year with the method of it! From last year to this year is still popular wide pants and tie shoes with together, intertwined with the ribbon will be sexy cute show just right. Small baby, you can try shorts + tie shoes this will not be wrong with the seconds to change the long legs Oh! Whether it is with the pants off the free and adidas superstar easy, or adidas sale with elegant skirt skirt, straps with low heels can be a hundred kinds of fashion interpretation.

With the sense of the streets of the holes in the jeans, with a delicate strap high heels to the overall shape of a lot of fine, jacket only need to wear a simple t-shirt is street shooting Fan, remember to put the side of the clothes into the waist adidas women Oh! If you feel that high-heeled too tired, flat belt shoes is also