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Flat shoes enough charm, you have the final say

Flat shoes is good, but it makes us love and hate, in the eyes of all, flat shoes is one of the representative of a comfortable single, when we attend any occasion, flat shoes can let us at ease The place to show temperament, but the problem came, although we love the comfort of flat shoes, but also love it's fashion sense, but in the moment it wears it, also means that we want to cross the big legs! In this season, you do not silly to wear flat shoes, you are destined to only and long legs missed, because as long as you wear this summer, flat shoes, you can still be a qualified big leg The goddess! If you do not want to continue to do a dwarf fat, then we come together to chatter flat shoes nibbling it! Flat shoes, a single product wearing a few taboos. The first taboo is the upper body is a loose single product, lower body is loose single product, the foot is also marching a pair of flat shoes, then unfortunately, you this shape is destined you can only be a little man!

The second taboo is the body is thin and not high MM wear a large, to the ankle of the single piece of clothing, and then feet with a pair of flat shoes, which is undoubtedly minutes and minutes with a short match so, in order to stay away from Dwarf fat ugly woman road, we wear flat shoes, be sure to understand the correct way with flat shoes. First of all, with flat shoes with high waist wide leg pants, absolutely long legs, but also huge thin. This method is actually very simple, but also for all the body of the MM, adidas superstar not to mention the high waist wide leg pants such a trendy single product, we each MM's wardrobe must have a bar, it does not take the nearest Principle try.

Flat shoes and high waist wide leg pants to wear, both comfortable and very high, so this mix can not let us love too! Pointed design, put on a special retro elegant, high-quality patent leather fabric, glossy full, soft and breathable. With a metal buckle embellishment, texture is very good. Square with the design of walking easily tired feet, suitable for all occasions wear. High-quality matte fabric, comfortable and breathable, very easy to take care. Shoes, color design is a big bright spot, especially novel, with a metal buckle design easy to wear off, increase shoes highlights, flat shoes can be used with any clothing, wear look delicate feet delicate. This V-collar piece pants, temperament is not sexy, upper body is very gas field, suitable for vacation is also very suitable for daily, very Western style. Siamese pants to improve the waist, elongated body proportions, so with flat shoes is also very nice, with a belt design, a random will be able to light the texture of the whole pants. Second, adidas outlet with flat shoes to match the high waist dress, please remember adidas superstar that the dress is a high waist Oh This match is mainly in order to get to improve the waist line, pulled up the proportion of lower body effect, so in the upper body waist dress, the proportion of our lower body will be lengthened, and then with a pair of casual flat shoes, Nature is very chic! Patent leather square root shoes, very Western style, love at first sight style, very easy with clothes. Put on very pure and very easy, inside is sheepskin, cushioning layer of latex feel very soft feet. Rubber soles comfortable light and flexible, walking adidas boots is not tired feet.