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Fine high-heeled sandals authentic Road, there are feminine fashion

Do not wear donkey shoes, and fine high-heeled sandals authentic Road, fashion and feminine, still attached to the thick donkey shoes? Love the fashionable big female friends, do not reveal the timid! Donkey hoof shoes have been completely abandoned fashion circles, this spring and summer, the most popular sandals style is fine high-heeled! Hurry to put you adidas originals over the gas donkey shoes to clean up the trash bar, put on a number of exquisite, beautiful, stylish and feminine high-heeled sandals. The pace of fashion reincarnation is really faster and faster. The first two years we also rush to follow the Queen Fan Bingbing, wearing a donkey hoof shoes proud of spring and summer. And this season, donkey shoes have been kicked out of the fashion circle, has become a gas single product. Why the successor will be fine high-heeled? First of all, fine high-heeled no adidas originals one can bring the feminine. Slender heel, exquisite and beautiful, put on, people involuntarily walk will be with a flirtatious effort.

Second, the thin high-heeled can stretch the leg lines perfectly, so that the wearer has a tall slim stature and dream of the big legs. This modification of the body, less than a donkey shoes, deliberately, more than a fine. Fine with a pointed buckle sandals, is one of the most favorite women's sandals style. Even the eyes of the first goddess of the first round of high round like to use this kind of shoes with all kinds of clothes. This shoe usually has a high heel, pointed toe, in the direct increase in height but also from the visual stretch of the leg ratio, so that the legs look more slender and slender. Let two adidas boots meters eight long legs adidas stan smith is no longer a dream. Side of the hollow design, so that most of the foot skin exposed, not only can solve the hot summer feet cool, breathable, but also adds a small sexy, so that the wearer's feminine more intense. If you want to taste a little woman, you can choose fine with thin sandals. The whole piece of shoes consists of two thin strips, the foot skin completely exposed. And these two thin stripes in the ankle, toes to form a perfect decoration. With the Bohemian style branded straps Roman shoes and fine high-heeled sandals can also crash out of the same fashion spark. Rome shoes rough mad, fine high-heeled the perfect combination of fine, burst out with a unique charm of the high fashion sense.