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Everyone has a canvas shoes in the end should be how to wear

I remember an old friend once said that her favorite match is a white Tee, a pair of jeans, plus a pair of Converse canvas shoes, neat, and a little handsome. Now she is probably still so dress up. Said the feeling is a bit hypocritical, said to follow the trend and too tacky, Converse canvas is like a durian, love people love to die, do not love it is disdain for it, even now Rayli's shoe there More brands, a variety of styles can choose, but that a few pairs of Converse will still be with me. Today to talk about how Converse in the end with, come to follow the old driver Rayli sauce on the train to the trend of the road it! Jeans with canvas shoes, is it not a matter adidas new shoes of course? You can choose Skinny, you can also choose the BF wind hole jeans, but only need to remember that it is necessary to Roll ~ ~ ~ ~, reveal your little ankle, or Saoqi small socks, Enough to be tuned. This is a writing young and young season, the trousers is this season to pay tribute adidas sale to the youth symbol. Many holes and wear treatment, broken and not leak, not afraid to emptied, do the old sense of age, washing and creasing of the white wash, are so natural to deal with! With canvas shoes, looks young age.

When the shoes were re-defined by fashion designers this year, they have become the fashion industry's most popular one of the single product, canvas shoes is no exception, it is not only and sports equipment CP, Of the coat together, it is more flavor. Handsome personality at the same time, but also gives a more powerful gas field. Windbreaker English is Trench coat, is the legendary trenches, the first in the British officers between the popular up! Such a cover can be handsome halo of a single product, there is no reason not to have it? On the wear, long section of the windbreaker is not exclusive of the tall, petite girls choose to wear the legs of the waist, with high waist wide leg pants, canvas shoes, can still be significantly thin. Met the design of this jacket ultra-thin cotton texture, pure white long hood design a little feeling of leather coat, can be a wild little cardigan to wear. Spring and summer travel sets of a fresh sun without losing shape. That is not used to pick the face of the design, so just! Save your pants legs this step, nine pants have been one of the popular pants, whether it is casual pants or jeans, or two years of fire adidas store wide leg pants, you can choose nine long, There will be no slight reduction. Now, when the suit with canvas shoes and will not feel very funny, and even a lost British Fan. Comfortable casual pants type, daily wear and match are comfortable and practical, eight or nine length, revealing ankle cool and art, and there are thin visual sense. Smooth and soft copper ammonia wire fabric, moisture permeability is good, thin waist design, comfortable and comfortable to wear. Black, black and blue into the color, are wild calm color.