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Doubt why high heels are so attractive?

High heels is a very magical thing, women like, men like it. Why is high heels so attractive? Many girls also said that when they wear high heels, feel very confident, and feel better than usual, full of joy ~ France University of South Brittany scientists for high-heeled shoes of the magic and found that men treat high heels Female, behavior is indeed very different. The study found that a woman walking on the street gloves fell to the ground, if she wear high heels, the men around her for the probability of taking gloves, than she wear flat shoes, the probability of nearly 50% higher. So the question is so high heels why so attractive? High heels, of course, is high this needless to say, but high heels is actually high from two aspects of view. The first is high and high, this we all know. The second is because the bare part of the instep with the legs together, so the visual looks very long legs, giving a natural feeling very high! Xiao Bian personally feel that the big teda shoes, it is recommended that you do not wear, of course, this is a personal point of view, do not like to spray.

Shoes are shallow mouth design, almost no pick feet, and more wild. The first challenge of high heels fairy daughters most need such a shoe to the entry. After all, wear high heels is a university asked, to step by step Oh Suede heel shoes, this really tide burst, the more look better, more and more temperament. Deep mouth design, more fit feet, wideband strap metal decoration so that shoes have a simple fashion sense, casually with adidas originals a black feet pants is very bright. Toe on the metal decoration is very special, to this pair of shoes to add a sense of fashion. Color absolutely wild, and very obvious adidas sale temperament, with casual pants, free and comfortable; with a suit skirt, professional competent. Feet wide girl do not have to worry, the square head can definitely wear. Men like to wear high heels for women because of the intuitive impact of the curve. Women like to wear high heels, because they feel wearing high heels of their own, the United States was not like, graceful, elegant temperament, all is not a problem. Walking will be very confident!

As a forever love the fashionable sister purple, in the color choice has been to take the ordinary way, adidas new shoes one can elegant art and workplace OL models of high heel, wild can not be wild, shoes, soft and comfortable material Good, worthy of referral. Afraid of grinding feet MM no longer have to worry about adidas superstar this problem, shopping is not tired, the workplace can be charisma. High-grade patent leather, put it down the glossy, square head design, more modified legs, look more slender. In the rough with, put on will be more robust, go shopping for too long will not feel tired. Many girls are in adult or after work began to wear high heels, in fact, high heels symbolize a mature woman's elegant and charismatic personality. There is a sense of ritual of a mature woman. Seems to have a pair of high heels, elongated calf, tall and straight posture, charming temperament, this is not a matter.

Take the ladies wind fairies who may be more inclined with such a nude color shoes, more elegant and gentle some. And this shoe design is very new, the upper design is under the effort, wild look. Very temperament of the black models, office workers used with a very good oh, so you are also high at the same time elegant and generous. And like this color, with very casual clothes and very bright clothes can be well managed, absolutely belong to the wild models.