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Do not wear this several high heels, peach blossom all run away friends

A few days ago in order to interview and lost a adidas store pair of high heels, looking back to look at the shoe, pointed, square head, round, satin, leather, fine with the rough with the shoes have, Women want to buy clothes to buy shoes when you can take anything to do excuse. Do not know if there is no one like me, see good-looking high heels can not help but buy around Many men do not understand why we love to wear high heels, in fact, high heels can not only increase our height, so that our body looks more upright, Elegant, more importantly, wearing high heels is in line with our body structure. We all know that the human foot is a bow-shaped shape, medicine called bow foot, wearing high heels have the role of protection and maintenance of bow foot. Pointed high heels is undoubtedly the hearts of many girls good, if you do not know what to wear shoes, then fine with pointed shoes must be right, fine with the tip plus this year's hot side buckle and satin, wearing It is not afraid of walking in the street peach? Pointed high heels can best reflect the temperament of girls, whether it is with a skirt or jeans, are very good choice.

Hot shoes and straps this year, shoes, whether it is round shoes, square shoes, as long as coupled with the straps seem stylish doubled. My feet fat, wearing a pair of shoes do not look good, but this does not prevent me to recommend the little fairies ah. Straps plus tassel elements, so that the shoes a bit more playful feeling, rough with the adidas women shoes are not tired feet, wearing it to picnic are no problem you do not know we do not care about the European and American stars self-timer, a few days ago Kan aunt wearing a mountain A pair of slightly transparent material of high heels really attracted my eyes deep ah, then I went to the shoe store and find the adidas sale Internet to find, almost no, so the following shoes severe, and this is a summer outdoor sandals , But also joined the very popular transparent elements, more importantly, now the elements of this high-heeled shoes are still relatively small, with it, you are the first person to eat crabs ah.

Speaking of cat heels, we have to mention our goddess Audrey Hepburn, cat heels is her favorite to wear shoes, in the "Tiffany's breakfast" frequently appear with her umbrella skirt and hat, Look retro and elegant. Cat heel shoes with about 3 cm, heel small and exquisite, like the cat tiptoe toes. This cat with heels 3 cm shoes, want to wear high heels and can not wear a small fairy can start friends, and secretly tell you that this shoe gave her mother she would like to Oh! High heels are made in accordance with the last shoe, will not meet the feet of each person, this time on adidas superstar the need for this artifact! This is followed by the particles followed by silicone, so soft and friction, the foundation is flannel, very carefully designed, good viscosity, not easy to fall. Whether it is too hard to wear shoes or heels no meat shoes love fall, it can be easily resolved, after not afraid to buy an inappropriate shoes.