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Different occasions need different heels, how would you choose?

High heels is a mature female essential things, a pair of good high heels is not only more confident, more elegant, and can reflect a woman's life taste, many sister to buy shoes is the first to take into account the comfort and appearance, in fact, But also need to consider its different occasions, the needs of different groups of the season. To meet the daily needs of non-stop high heels, so that shoes are not only worn on the feet, but also to highlight our personality and style. A pair of nude color patent leather high heels, for OL who is less than a single product, hot home shoes, adidas running shoes although the price of your side, but the material adidas outlet is very comfortable foot feeling, 5cm write with you, not to the foot Heavy burden, adidas sneakers to help you cross the workplace and shopping malls.

Always need to wear a dress when, especially at the end of the year, the company annual meeting, family gatherings, friends dinner, etc., always good dress, both for their own responsibility, but also a respect for others. This satin square buckle high heels can be used with different dresses, the perfect walk in the major occasions. Thick heels have never been able to cover the heavy, but the rough heel shoes with the benefits of coarse heel, not tired feet and looked very stable. If used to match the jeans is definitely the best choice for out of the street, square design simple and honest can be time-bound to accompany you for a long time. If you are about to have a date, that in order to give each other a good impression, must inevitably be carefully dressed up, this bow decorated high heels, fresh and natural colors, very Japanese taste, heel high and low, even if the beginning Girls who try high heels can also control. Sandals are exclusive in summer, especially in the housing resort is very popular, this high heels sandals mysterious black tone decorated with pearl stars decorated, let you release, enjoy the cool, liberation full of summer feet.

In our daily life, the frequency can be described as not high, but wearing a flat flat style, you can try rough with the version type, easy and easy to adidas stan smith use, retro British version of the school is suitable for students of the girls. Your degree of stunning always depends on your bold degree, of course, bold is not grandstanding, do not need to avant-garde alternative way to Bo eyeball. And only need a pair of red shallow shoes, fine with pointed, first impression is extremely warm, giving a strong visual impact, across all your hesitation.