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Different materials should be how to maintain the shoes?

Every woman has a cabinet of the United States shoes, can be clearly aware of each pair of shoes with, but few people know how to maintain different shoes. Today we talk about different materials, how to maintain the shoes. Calves, fetal cattle, soft sheep, soft cow series with a soft dry cloth to wipe the upper wipe clean. Choose the same amount of color shoes with high quality shoes evenly applied to the various parts of the upper, placed in a ventilated place to dry for five minutes, and then back and forth with a soft cloth to wipe, not too hard until the emergence of natural luster. Patent leather series 1, with a semi-wet cloth to clean the entire upper and dry.

2, to avoid contact with oil or acid and other substances to prevent the skin is contaminated or yellowing.

3, patent leather shoes can not be exposed in the sun or roasted, and away from high temperature, or prone to yellow or leather crack, aging phenomenon.

4, after wearing the store, each shoe with a separate shoe bag to prevent the color of other leather faded to the patent leather upper, especially light-colored leather is more likely to pollute.

5, to prevent the edges and adidas outlet corners, scratched upper, wearing friction or water with color, loss of film, is a normal phenomenon.

6, when wearing, if the mirror patent leather flexion part of the normal phenomenon. Wipe the upper with a soft, dry cloth. Selection of colorless transparent special adidas stan smith leather shoes care cream, with a soft cloth on the upper and back to wipe, there can be natural luster. Catch cattle, catch sheep series 1, adidas superstar the characteristics of such leather is soft and soft feel, there are small spots of the flaw is the style of such cortex.

2, because the leather surface is not coated, please be particularly careful grease, dirt, once contaminated into the leather, it is difficult to clear. If only part of the water was wet, dry and can restore the original appearance. Wipe color leather series 1, wipe the surface of the skin after processing, leather surface will naturally decolorize color effect, is a normal phenomenon.

2, try not to wear for a long time, because the continuous wear part of the flexible part of the deformation, wrinkling, likely to cause bleaching serious.

3, when wearing to keep the upper clean, adidas sale if you encounter grease, stains, cleaning is easy to local decolorization.

4, bogey rain and wet cloth wipe, in case of flooding, can only gently wipe with a dry cloth, into the ventilated place to dry naturally, and then coated with oil-free colorless transparent shoe polished leather can have a color. Wax skin care is best to take care of wax, but the wax can not be too much, if you do not mind can also be used colorless shoe polish care, with a clean white cloth quickly and effectively wipe back and forth, leather surface color will be deepened, There is natural luster can be. Cashmere, matte leather series of leather shoes such as leather to the skin dirt and other debris brush, brush when the direction of attention by hair, and then use the home hair dryer to the cold wind will be stacked in the pile of dust, particles, etc. Debris blows clean. Try to avoid wearing such shoes on rainy days.