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Casual shoes choose a good, your boyfriend force no less!

Now the boys for the Xiefu wearing more and more stress, and that the shoes, not only to wear comfortable, but also meet the fashion trend of beauty. Compared to the rigorous dress shoes, the old-fashioned, leisure shoes more casual, relaxed, fashionable fashion, with them, but also more highlights the owner's elegance and personality. So, the saying adidas boots goes, leisure shoes choose good, adidas stan smith boyfriend certainly no less. How about it is not a little adidas originals bit of heart Here with me to see a few good can increase your boyfriend force leisure shoes it, especially the last one Oh, super simple! Retro gentleman style casual shoes, the use of imported high-quality first-class calfskin, hand-wiping process, color Ying Run moving, outline the elegant design sense, highlight the quality of excellence, not only highlight the temperament and taste, Men's charm, let you easily out of the feeling of neat chic. Comfortable breathable pig skin inside, sweat and sweat, keep the feet dry, wear more comfortable. Soles used gold rubber outsole, non-slip wear, strong grip, invisible to men more protection, business and leisure essential shoes style.

Tough and stylish is the design of this pair of casual shoes soul, and good quality comes from good raw materials. This pair of shoes selection of the whole crazy horse leather, soft leather, durable wear, its unique fineness texture is more retro type. Shoes with high elastic honeycomb insoles, the whole breath of honeycomb rapid increase in air convection, let the feet bid farewell to sweat, the other insole cushioning effect is also good. Shoelaces are very characteristic, the use of diamond-shaped cross knitting method, woven into a round belt, tension and wear resistance than the flat belt stronger. Finally, this pair of shoes rubber outsole anti-skid wear, very comfortable. Conscientious, refined very, the strength of men's multi-faceted charm of leisure shoes. Selection of imported calfskin feel fine, the color effect of the original color by hand coating process, repeated polish makes the color transparent, the level of no blunt, polished after the overall processing of leather dyed luster. Simple sleeve style, easy to wear easy to escape, easy to show the wind of leisure.

British style of leisure skin because of its smooth and charming version of the type, such as natural texture of the leather, the grandma to seize the adidas superstar sight of all, can be described as cooked shoes in the shoes. Shoes, the first layer of leather has a good natural breathability, shoes produce moisture, sweat can be quickly absorbed by the fibrous tissue layer, and finally through the skin layer of the vent hole out of the shoes. Full of urban fashion and quality style of leisure shoes. Selected glossy texture leather to create the upper, pure wrestling cortex, natural clear, soft feel, every exquisite detail, are in the interpretation of high quality fashion style. Classic lace style, so that the shoes look more elegant and elegant, lace and vamps blend of the upper, so that the upper clean and clean, highlight the confidence of free and easy to fall. High-quality rubber outsole, wear resistance is more excellent, non-slip shading, and enhance the friction with the ground, more anti-skid wear, coupled with the bottom of the thickening of the shock layer, can effectively absorb the force to enhance the overall comfort degree.