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Boys snow boots with the rules, you remember it?

Speaking adidas tennis shoes of snow boots, the impression that the pair of small fluff shoes. But in fact you want to know snow boots is not a woman's patent. Snow boots first invented by the Australian Air Force, the initial purpose is to keep warm, and later gradually popular. Therefore, the production of snow boots, men's snow boots also have a very long history, but many of the friends still do not wear snow boots. Snow boots and how to match the warm and good-looking it? Since it is snow with the rules of the boots, it as a protagonist has a very right to speak. First adidas originals of all its quality must be the first, only pure Australian sheepskin hair, to be able to produce warm and comfortable snow boots. Yan value and quality of the snow boots, Xiaobian a fancy to have a wood ~ just want to enter their own ah! Just right color, with the heat on the pumping with elements, making the original rigid snow boots have been angry. Wear rubber at the end, making shoes more light and durable, set breathable, warm, hygroscopic as a whole, with a good mix of adidas originals Oh!

Woolen coat on the selection, Xiao Bian recommended long section of loose coat, one is not seem to be bound and bloated, the second is to highlight the boys stalwart of the body ~ Although looking at this version of a large, in fact, the Korean version of the design , Every place of the suture and buttons are appropriate, and instantly can harvest a large number of fans Oh! Ouba, Sagua Hey ~ ~ Xiaobian prefer foot pants, because most of the boys are still relatively thin, small feet pants are obviously the body, especially the winter and do not want their own too bloated, want to get rid of Mummy's Qiuzu will choose right Trousers friends ~ three-dimensional cut, wearing comfortable, unlimited purchase money! Snow boots compared to the more mature and stable, black as a wild color is definitely not wrong! Style more simple and generous, suitable for many occasions to wear. For boys who like the minimalist can not miss it! Leather jackets really belong to a particularly handsome class of clothes, always reminiscent of locomotives, streets and so on hurried cool picture. And this leather jacket, whether it is color or cut are more inclined to mature and stable wind, collar of the villi is full of personality. Especially a masculine Oh! I believe that every boy's wardrobe is the most than jeans. And this pair of jeans will be this year's hot hole elements and washed elements together, the overall color gray-blue, people will not look too abrupt.