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Beautiful sports shoes, comfortable and nice

For some of my sister, every day to wear high heels is an essential thing to go out. But there are some people who love sports shoes, unless the necessary occasions, otherwise it is the daily sports shoes leave the body. Do not feel that sports shoes is just wear it, sports shoes can also reflect their own fashion taste, but also can be cool very dazzling, very trendy. It is better to hurry to choose a pair of beautiful sports shoes, walking in the spring sun and run it! Lace tattoo leather upper, exquisite fashion round design, shoe strap with elastic design, elastic natural, inside the ultra-fiber skin design, soft and comfortable, soft rubber base, can be bent, and constantly bottom, 3-5cm pine cake bottom, Long and thin, toe pattern stitching, so that the overall personality full, black and white super classic super wild Oh

Early spring when the preparation of a pair of small white shoes is always right, do not publicity is not exaggerated, there are just right attitude and people can not ignore the presence of a sense of universal, but when the fight color elements, fashionable and durable, color car line adidas superstar to break the boring , It is more flexible, on the foot version of the super-praise, increased significantly thin, do not pick people Oh. Different from a casual shoes, silk silk sense of the upper, the texture is very delicate, flashy practice reveals a trace of the same, insole with environmentally friendly PVA foam latex insoles, removable, inside the custom sheepskin, it is difficult to describe the feet Foot feeling, soft, very comfortable and very breathable, the color of a little retro and literature, get more and more look to see the more resistant to see Oh.

High-quality ultra-fiber upper, version of the ultra-modified foot type, appears to be very thin feet, increased 3.5cm, was significantly thin, natural rubber at the end, non-slip safety, soles upper glossy, quality bar, Is the pants or skirts are over one hundred ride, dating, shopping pair get. Round shoes, in line with the majority of women's foot type, stitching fabric with matte leather, simple and generous star pattern stitching, but also highlight the different shoes, the use of pure cotton material lace, so that the surface looks very texture , Heel sponge shoes buckle, to prevent grinding feet, wearing a natural rubber backing, all the original lines, anti-skid more wearable, brown is not outdated color, light green feel a small fresh.

The biggest advantage of sports shoes is breathable and comfortable, this shoe can be said to be breathable good leader, absolutely not dull, coupled with hit the color with a very stylish and dynamic, and the color is still a lot of style, you Absolutely can choose their favorite style, thick bottom to help in the high at the same time also very trend