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Bad man how to pick a pair of good shoes?

So as a man, you must have a pair of decent shoes, your character will not look so suspicious. A good girl, may need to have skirts, eyes, windy, like jade sigh; and a good man, a pair of good shoes is enough. "There is no pair of good shoes, how can you and his elopement of the top of the leather, that is, the first layer of leather, the best and most rare leather, where rare is not referring to the calf rare, but a Full Grain usually Is the natural first layer of leather damage, natural grain and rarely evenly, so the value of Full Grain is usually very high. Finished the leather, there is a common adidas shop leather material is horse. Ma hip skin material to bring luxury upscale Texture, horse buttocks refers to the hips of the hips from the protective effect of the shell-like leather, relatively fine, adidas sneakers strong, no pores, have a good toughness and beautiful luster. Horse hip is expensive leather, for the production of shoes The advantage is soft, durable, and more shiny. The price is usually 1.5 to 2 times the same calfskin sheepskin is one of the most soft leather, natural narrow texture makes sheepskin look more elegant and delicate. Very fine and slant, more soft and delicate than leather, easy to dye. Mainly for the goatskin and sheep skin. Sheep hair more dense, the skin will be loose, leather leather value The lower adidas boots the sheep skin feel fat and soft, is to do leather lining is the best choice.

Soles of the material although the upper is very important, but the soles are not able to ignore. Soles of the good or bad, will affect the comfort you wear. For a variety of sports shoes at the end, while high-grade rubber is often used as a high-end shoe sole material. Advantages: good wear resistance, non-slip, flexible, easy to break, softness is better, good extension, shrinkage stability, good hardness, good bending. Disadvantages: heavier weight, easy to spit cream (a quality problem).

The style of the shoes originated in the 17th century British University of Oxford, the upper is usually made of two pieces of leather stitching, playing more than three holes in the upper hole, and then tied with a fixed, the height of the shoes lower than the ankle. BalmoralLacing with inner ear structure, the British gentleman in order to maintain a low-key design, so please try to match trousers. It has been very popular in Europe, tie shoes, characterized by tongue and the whole upper with a piece of leather, between the two shoes with a shoelace fixed adidas store a certain spacing, easy to adjust the tight after wearing. Compared to Oxford shoes inner ear, Derby shoes Blucher Lacing outside the ear structure is undoubtedly more comfort to the feet. More decorated with more details of the details of the shoes, most of the Derby shoes and Oxford shoes are not formal, but still can be used business. Bullock's carving craft is not meant to improve the beauty and fashion of the shoes. But the hollow carving is mainly for drainage. Bullock shoes are 500 years ago when the Scottish people work, they have to go swamp, shoes need to drain, and then engage in a carved hollow process.