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  • Woman's shoe, always lack a pair of high heels

    High heels on the woman will always have a lethal flesh like marijuana, regardless of how many pairs of high heels in the shoe, until you go out forever hesitant, that which are not worthy of today's delicate makeup of their own, regardless of adidas originals fashion trends , When the flow of time, women love high heels unabated, for a pair of high heels, just put there, through the woman's heart. Wearing high heels I have to spin jump does not stop. Exquisite high heels where to feel very suitable. Two shoes into a combination of love, like you. Now keep up with me and my high heels, together to an adventure. Fashion pointed shallow mouth high heels. Fine with high heels on the men seem to have a temptation to wear this high heels significantly female ankle is very slim, and is more open-foot style, the proposed foot is relatively small and white skin sister can try this one. Candy color was thin high heels. This high heels is not very high root, relative to the other high heels, this dress will not be very laborious, in the beautiful at the same time will not give new adidas shoes their feet caused too much burden, and the size of the foot is not required, any People can control.

    Summer fine with high-heeled shoes. In the design of the comparison of the color, the shoes are surrounded by a transparent material, put on the visual petite feeling, and the style is a little princess sweet wind, pointed material is also ingenious different, suitable for all kinds of skin color. European fashion fine heels. Completely exquisite woman a high heels, thin high-heeled shoes believe that every girl is dreaming of want to hold the style, but really on the body requirements are relatively high, but also relatively wild style, very temperament and elegance. Patent leather with pointed shoes. Sure enough, high heels on the temptation of a woman even write songs to put in, this is the workplace OL style patent leather high heels, style atmosphere, reflecting the adidas store beauty of working women. Fashion pointed high heels. The value of the table burst a high heels, blingbling in front of the pointed design is very attractive, more importantly, their home shoes with a rhombus rough with a long time wearing this stand will not feel tired, and beautiful Can be used with any small skirt.

    Metal rivet with a single shoes. Rivet set has always been domineering and adidas superstar rock, this high heels good use of the rivet edge design, the first time people think that the original rivets can also wear clothing temperament and elegant style, like the little sister who million Can not miss this one.

    2017-08-16 11:15:19
  • Oxford shoes with wear out the streets of the trend of yuppie wind

    Fashion modern gold, simple color neat appearance cut, shiny sequins to create a rich visual effects. Classic oval head design rate is neat, three-dimensional sewing line lines simple and handsome, neutral handsome Oxford shoes improved models, highlight the big fashionable Europe and the United States gas field. Modern fashion a hit color Oxford shoes, neat appearance cut tailure highlights, high-quality corduroy fabric mix Ma hair fabric, ultra-rammed horse pattern and light shadow magic effect. Stereo sewing line lines simple and handsome. Get rid of the invariable sweet style, try handsome boy models neutral wind, soft and comfortable PU fabric, upper Oxford shoes design style, before and after hit the color splicing modern sense, post-modern special sense of the soles of the soles of the design, gentle elegance of the classic lace, Mix out the streets of the trend of yuppie wind. Fashion modern fluorescent color, great charm. Neutral handsome Oxford shoes improved models, rounded glossy translucent patent leather fabric, magic black mesh cover design, to create a rich visual effects, Western style wear big plus a single product.

    High-quality soft smooth PU fabric, exquisite sewing edge perfect show quality. Ultra-beautiful Oxford adidas store fine delicate lines, brown and green fight fashionable Western style, both comfortable and fashionable straps Oxford shoes, well-behaved sense of language full range of children. Leopard pattern color engraved lace with retro Oxford flat shoes, street wind and sexy perfect combination, is the British yuppie retro Oxford shoes! Classic car line with adidas superstar retro carved design, coupled with leopard color fight effect. Perfect gentleman small rounded last type design, fully show the best sense of conflict charm! To create a thick and low-key aristocratic atmosphere! Classic retro Oxford toe is this year's undefeated popular elements, soft inside fabric, sweat effect is very strong, beige lace trim is used to fully distribute your little woman's share Graceful and temperament. Classic retro Oxford toe is this year's undefeated popular elements, soft inside the fabric, sweat effect is very strong, beige lace trim is the use of your little girl's distribution of grace and temperament beauty. Retro adidas shop elements and leisure plate mixed with a sense of fashion, soft PU and bright adidas originals floral fabric mix and match, this season most IN Oxford shoes become more varied. Withered tassel wax rope bow tie, turned neutral wind British line girl. With lace small socks retro high waist pants, enjoy the show reveal a variety of styles of their own.

    2017-08-15 11:20:05
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