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  • Did not catch the trend of square shoes, I have for you side

    Square shoes in the recent fashion industry has become the new darling, its special is that it is the charm of it, neither like round shoes so childish young age, and not as pointed shoes as overbearing mature, square Head between the two, a kind of invincible adidas boots retro temperament, very neutral wind, the fashion industry leaders have long put on, you do not come a pair? Pearl word buckle single shoes. According to ergonomic design to create, delicate touch so that no matter how long you go, it will not feel tired feet. High-end luxury, breathable and comfortable, fine workmanship, make you more sexy, more charming, higher, more stylish, more natural. Really reflect a pair of good shoes can make you 120% beautiful! British small shoes. Rough with height just, heel soft not grinding feet, toes in front of the cortex with the heel of the material, wearing a day will not wear feet will not be tired, very fashion sense! Workmanship is adidas shoes not good to lose a few hundred pieces of shoes ~ shoes version of the type is very thin, and looked at the grade of retro square head with a single shoes. The toe is the square head, shoes on the foot was thin, do not look very big feet very long, very stable walking, wearing a very comfortable, not tired feet. Atmospheric black and caramel color can definitely match all the clothes in your wardrobe friends ~ spring can also continue to wear Yo ~

    Casual flat shoes. Europe and the United States 2017 spring T stage catwalk models, great personality, no matter where you are the focus, comfortable feet on the crowd must Oh! Super personality is also very handsome, take the opportunity to go back to the street high ~ wear skin is also very soft skin. Tide there is a wood! The On the feet really handsome! Black casual shoes. Real friends to see you really will think you buy thousands of shoes, and the stars are exactly the same, keep the rate is really too high, ha ha ha ha ha, is the net red star models of the rhythm Well Wild style, but also the legs of the long said! Shallow mouth flat shoes. Side buckle elements in this year is also quite popular Oh, so love the fashionable how can you miss this popular, and this a shallow mouth flat shoes are super gentle, ah, very small woman's feeling, but also very gentle Female atmosphere. Velvet head with lace shoes. 2017 popular what, popular square adidas originals head, really popular square head, Europe and the United States independent development of vacuum rubber outsole, lightweight wear-resistant anti-skid, vamps with velvet material, adidas outlet leather tie with feminine + points! Sole with high 4CM, in front of 3.5CM, green velvet, blue silk, white leather, three colors optional.

    2017-05-23 11:19:55
  • Girl, your shoes lack a pair of small white shoes!

    Recently the weather gradually pick up, I believe that many people have faded thick winter coat, put on early spring. How to get a pair of spring with a pair of good shoes? Wild and beautiful, and all seasons can wear, of course, none other than a small white adidas originals shoes, and small white shoes not only sports leisure shoes, there are a lot of lazy shoes, small shoes, a variety of styles, Selected ten small white shoes, only girl you pick! Artistic retro small female shoes. The appearance of this shoe is very nice, very chic, different from the general ordinary small white shoes, she looks more fashionable Sen Sen temperament, spring with skirt and adidas superstar so are very temperament, very nice. And it is optional, Xiao Bian believe that there will always be a capture of your heart ~ Star sports leather small white shoes. A super handsome leather five small white shoes, really beautiful it! The first layer of leather, high-quality lychee pattern, leather material ice comfortable ~ soft bottom soft, super comfortable ~ matte soles, texture is great, red five-star, behind the temperament bursting Oh! Soles have one, walking vaguely visible, beautiful fashion ~ leisure fisherman shoes small white shoes. This fisherman shoes is the rumors of the small white shoes, the most suitable for spring and summer such a season, and wear comfortable and comfortable, the most suitable for lazy people! Like the leisure wind mm can not miss ah!

    Velcro casual flat white shoes. This small white shoes selected pu leather uppers, comfortable Bun Nei, Velcro design, wear it is both convenient and very fashionable, the most eye-catching shoes and shoes after the smile, always bring a good mood The Casual flat leather shoes. This Le Fu shoe overall design more simple atmosphere, very simple and elegant, or strong push to lazy people, if you have not tried such a paragraph, it is better to start from this one leather comfortable white shoes! Lace students with leisure small white shoes. adidas women Fresh and natural one of the children, to bring you the first spring of the first touch of vitality. Neat trendy tide car suture, bring fresh visual sense, showing the atmosphere and quality. High-end high-quality PU leather material, breathable comfort, the release of feet pressure, full of vitality! Rubber flat, anti-skid wear, you can step by step forward step forward! Youth invincible, let it accompany you proudly go their own way. In the flat with casual white shoes. A pair of good shoes to explore adidas stan smith more wonderful journey, this small white shoes is such a presence. Uppers with leather material, wear soft and comfortable, and in the design, so that the little girl's feet immediately show legs a meter five Oh! Lace-up sports students thick thick floor shoes. This shoe thick bottom design, naturally increased. Shoes more college style, is the design of vibrant shoes, spring with jeans and so on both casual and stylish

    2017-05-22 11:20:13
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