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  • Comfortable and nice shoes to make your little adidas stan smith holiday travel worries

    Holidays in the first half of the year is really people love, Qingming small holiday in the past, this is not, 51 small holiday has come, with the temperature rise, people's desire to buy also rose, do not simmering their own , Open your wallet, travel long distances can not be separated from both comfortable and nice shoes, wearing a different shoes, patting the United States and the United States photos, so you happy to spend this little holiday. Peas shoes. Speaking of Peas shoes, all the first impression is comfortable, then this pair of Peas shoes also has a stylish property. The upper of the bow on the decorative particularly clever, so that the original monotonous pedal more sweet and lovely flavor, comfortable fabric wear on the feet is naturally suitable for travel. Comfortable strip with exposed toe with sandals. Want to take a few pairs of beautiful US shoes to take pictures, this very mirror on the rough with sandals with a word with the design, the feet were white skin color, pink and tender color is the move People love, but also comfortable and fashionable shoes let you walk wind.

    Retro leather shoes. Travel time is naturally better than at home, suede design is certainly easy to take care of, compared to the small high-heeled, flat shoes walking to a lot of solid, for those who love to jump jump is of course a gospel , Fried chicken tender color so that the whole people are a lot of ladies. Comfortable pointed flat shoes. Pointed shoes have always given a kind adidas originals of elegant intellectual goddess of the visual adidas originals sense, this shoe uses a common wild shallow mouth design, the most suitable for spring and summer wear, ladies shallow mouth design and personality full of grid together, playful Cute more than a bit more fashionable taste. Founder head with small shoes. Star Street beat often can see the portrait of Le Fu shoes, for those who intend to travel in the small holiday, the comfort of a very strong sense of modeling Carrefour shoes will be your heart is good, square head design and Simple style comes with fashion gas field, light also refreshing shoes how can people do not like? One word deduction Mary Jane shoes. Comfortable fabric has become one of the highlights of this shoe, do not fight the design of a long time to walk you, the unique word buckle design so that the original flat shoes have added a full taste of personality, the recent fashion circle is quite popular This kind of Mary Jane shoes, minimalist design can also have a sense of fashion.

    Retro word buckle single shoes. Even when the comfort of the shoes when the shoes of the most important, but the beauty is also a consideration of the shoes, this shoe led the maverick fashion trend, slightly exaggerated style foot more chic sense, the upper metal buckle novel But also has an extraordinary texture. Square head high heels. Everyone loves the ladies intellectual Fan, this shoe is very attractive color, using a unique light color, pink and tender colors and the flowers in full bloom season, the square shape and the upper ring design With a little bit of a sense of disobedience, with the bottom of the feet on the feet look long and thin legs. Side buckle with shoes. This year's fashion trends so many people stop the line happy people, unpredictable fashion circles began to blow the side of the wind, simple shape but do not lose the elegant chic feel, smooth design in the sun shine, On the fine small rough with, more and more like.

    2017-04-24 11:25:39
  • Wild single product, you fell in love with no

    The weather gradually warming, the mood has become particularly good, think of working you are not really excited Oh, want to give colleagues a good impression, but beautiful fashion is essential. Today is the Queen's Day, the cat wish all the female friends, youth forever, always happy, laughing girl luck will not be bad. Take off the heavy coat, put on the fresh and crisp fashion, the most surprising is that each set of matches are so unique, but for the girl will not match, some trouble, the cat to teach you, what The single product of the most wild, still very beautiful. Elegant fabric, hollow design pattern, showing the unique charm of women. adidas sale Wave pattern V-neck cut, plus butterfly embellishment, add a romantic aesthetic atmosphere. Two-piece skirt with a casual style, even more quiet and delicate. Shirt hit color stitching, with a woman's taste. Stacked hem shelter small belly, goddess essential style Oh!

    Bright green is always so conspicuous, wide adidas boots leg pants have been sought after by the girls, high, not only because of their loose version, modified legs perfect, but also because it's this with the gas field , To do a fashion goddess of gods, often only a difference of choice. Sweet pink, V neckline design, fresh and natural feeling out. Lace cuffs, small flowers, petite and exquisite, stylish and beautiful. Seven sleeves of the tail, showing the unique charm of women, belt design, Slim was thin, beautiful clothes, who wear are beautiful. Simple and generous round design, sweet and fresh feeling, to adidas outlet show the feelings of girls, with any one of the clothing, are very practical, beautiful girl do not miss it! Recently small white shoes is very popular, a lot of girls asked me if there is no beautiful little white shoes ah! Cats for the beautiful little master broken heart. This simple, casual style, with your warm spring vitality, rubber outsole, wear, non-slip, not tired feet. If you like the trend of the girls put on a colored shoelaces, flew into the goddess. High heels is the representative of women, no high heels woman is not a woman. When walking in the street when the girl wearing high heels, da da sound, walking is not the road, take the gods heart. Black simply restrained, red passionate, white noble and pure. The upper tile decoration, from the fashion and then transition to adidas store maturity, to be a noble goddess is so simple.

    2017-04-22 11:04:14
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